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Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon



CP KATE - There is a musical term that captures Kate’s approach towards her work; Con·tra·pun·tal, the art of sounding together or combining two relatively independent melodies; think Classical and Rock, Baroque and Pop.

Kate refers to her work as a collision of Classical and the everyday, a mix of then and now. She’s inspired by unexpected pairings whether it be in food, fashion, home interiors or art and has always gravitated toward asymmetry. Kate channels that inspiration to create juxtaposition art in the form of sculpture where she combines disparate elements that lead to a whole new sculptural experience.

Growing up in Minnesota Kate was influenced by her surroundings, her family were collectors of antiques. This energized her passion for and appreciation of Classical pieces while her more contemporary influences undoubtedly come from years of travel and her time living in the artist filled community of Portland.

Kate is a conceptual artist, she is self-taught in the art of mold building, casting and finishing. Her sculptures are handcrafted in her home-based studio in Portland, Oregon.